Micro-analogy, If One Were a Cell

Hey everyone- I was reading a short response blog from this guy _LINK_

Haven’t read what he was responding too cause that post was hella long. Swarm Verdict writes some great thought provoking posts. However I found this analogy a bit- I dunno – lackluster.

In the post an individual cell lives a normal cellular experience making proteins, regenerating DNA, and engaging in mitosis. One day a single cell realizes it’s individuality. It’s amazed by itself and so begins a life of self centeredness. All other cells in the body however believe in the Body. It’s stated that these beliefs are “speculative at best.”

see where this is going

In the end the singular cell becomes a leader of a tumour growth within the assumed body of a human being. The body dies. So it is assumed.

Theres a lot about this post that is disappointing. Mostly the fact that this guy knows how to write, and that this analogy and the material he had to work with was full of potential. But the way he used the parallels between atheism and the singular cell, or the belief in body and blind faith seems to assume that the cells can only understand yes or no. There are no shades of grey, or alternate interpretations of the universe. Which to me speaks little of the monumental amount of minute variations in personal belief and perspectives humans experience.

I honestly would love to hear more stuff in this tone, but man- the guy can only be singular or he has to have blind faith. Or otherwise he lives a life that is all me me me me me.

I don’t have blind faith in much, I have varying degrees of trust in certain circumstances. I don’t think I’ve met anyone with absolutely blind faith. Otherwise you end up like Bill O’reilly. That guys been acting crazy lately hasn’t he… whats new. Tides come in and tides go out, never a miscommunication.

Now I’ll say this post made me think a lot about Osmosis Jones and why microbiological analogies are always so- odd. The functions of the cells are so direct that it’s funny to even think about microbes with personalities. Yet they carry the blueprints for the entire organism that they create as a whole.

The way that the individual is represented in the analogy is narcissistic. He also has a self defeating purpose. His lack of belief in good for the whole is the real weakness in his hypothesis. However the analogy seems to say that good will comes only with the belief in a body, a speculative theory.

I love people, I love my world, and I love life.

I don’t need to have a speculative belief to feel or act with good will. I only need to see the reaction of my fellow cells to see that kindness is a gift which others wish to reciprocate. Often without understanding why. The simple fact is that it’s healthy. An individual who cares about themselves knows and respects themselves by respecting others.

That being said I don’t need to believe what others believe to be effectively loving or supportive to my planet sized family.

What’s more is that the individual cell which became a tumour could be any kind of person with any number of unique ideas or beliefs. They could think that jews need to be killed off by the thousands or buildings have to be demolished because of his blind faith in himself and the narrow vision on him vs the open perspective from the body lovers. This analogy could have been better served if the individual worked from a beneficent ideology that was simply naive to the greater picture that was similar but not quite the same as the belief of the other cells.

These strangest thing however is that everyone calls it a belief in the body. The majority of the planet believes in a God, but thats not what people argue about. They argue about how God works. So in this instance it may have served better to have many cells argue over which aspect of the body world was most important or even what the inherent goal for the body is. Practical philosophy that grows with the social contract is always explained in short and concise points.

  • Don’t hurt others because they can take revenge
  • Don’t judge harshly lest you wish to be judged
  • Treat others as yourself
  • Don’t say anything if you dont have anything good to say

They are situational and used for certain scenarios. The reason people go to blind faith is because there is mystery in the forefront or present time. The advantage of knowing is there is no need for mysterious forms of assistance.

The fact that the cell disagreed with the whole, that he did not conform to the “healthy” belief in a body is not a good example. We all disagree and still have a growing prospering society. We all have unique ideas and a skewed relative perspective and still grow in life.

That being said I still like this guys posts, I think people should wonder more often and take his ideas into consideration.

Now to keep it light and focus on sharing perspectives here’s a microbiological scene I like to think about:

I think that the cells are talking constantly, giving each other messages, and always in their own way. Ones going through the lung to get his big H2O burger and the blood cell right behind him, same type of cell, same function, same DNA, is yelling at him to get a move on. Him and all the other trillions of cells around him are just trying to bring the air home to the wife and kids and the work they do always leads to ageing telomeres. It’s the times in life when there are extra long comfy breathes that they all work hard to achieve. While many disagree why we seek those comfy moments, everyone agrees it is something to  strive for in the body.

Thanks for letting me read way too deep into what was obviously just a fun thought experiment for you. It made me wonder which is what I’m all about. Keep reading at swarmverdict.com and please comment below his post or mine if you would like to contribute to the conversation.


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4 thoughts on “Micro-analogy, If One Were a Cell

  1. Very nice Comfy! I guess you put me in my place, even though in a lovely comfy way. My first response would probably be “I didn’t do it! Lol”, but I obviously did. It does have issues, and I’m sure a revised version would probably be more considered. Some of the best stuff comes out when it just flows (Rambling would be a way you would put it), and that’s why I like Poetry.

    Now, although, I would agree with some of your comments, I do stick by some of what I said. I’ll come back to you on specifics. Thanks for the compliments though, here and your video, which made me think too. My blog is also taking way too much time from me, and I may have to slow down, since I’m travelling at the moment.

    I’ve written a new piece about “the self”, which may answer why a part of me has jumped ship, and is also criticising the way I presented my analogy.

    Anyway, I’ll put a link back to here from my site if you don’t mind so people can try to follow the chain, dare they wish.

    It would probably say this is a link to Comfy who, responded to a link I had as a response to another guy’s link responding to someone else’s link. hehehe.

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    1. Awesome. I’m glad I wasn’t too aggressive. I love crituque, towards and from me and I can’t wait to hear your ideas about the self. Not enough people talk about that. 🙂 thanks for the feedback!


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