Hey there.

It has been 10 days

So it has been ten days since I posted. I’m just playing doom… Thanks.

Weak Body, Strong Fingers

I’m sick. This is what I’m thinking about. What I need to do. And the weird dream I had.


I told myself last Monday I was gonna setup my office. I screwed in a lock and the rest of me called it a day. Firstly I don’t like doing anything on a day off the night job. Weird right? Secondly I like my computer being downstairs. I like it quite a bit. Cause itContinue reading “Podcasting”

Unseen Struggle

My lover sees it. My children can’t comprehend it. My mother has already been through it. My friends are suspecting it. The last four long years of my life have been a struggle. I cannot feel the weight of any debt, any pain, or any suffering now that I have reached a point where hardContinue reading “Unseen Struggle”

Getting there

I tried another podcast… It’s getting somewhere. Just not sure where yet.


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